About Us

Creation of history with high-end technology since 1998.

4C Engineering Ltd. was established in 1998, as the first rapid prototyping and 3D manufacturing company in Turkey  by Sedat Kurtaran with the aim of introducing the high-end technological products which are new to the Turkish market; and can be regarded new even on a global scale. In a span of 17 years, 4C Engineering has been pushing the limits of global competition by the new technologies that they have brought in via the academic collaborations that induce a profound change in the current manufacturing techniques of the sector. With the rapid prototyping systems and 3D Jewelry Design technologies which 4C has introduced in the Turkish market, the Turkish Jewelry Sector has taken up the 3rd rank in production volume.

4C Engineering began their journey at a time when the Turkish jewelry sector did very poorly on additive value and creativity on a domestic and global scale. With the entrepreneurship of 4C Engineering, 3D printing and customized jewelry design became wide spread. 3D printing provided a revolutionary approach to mass production by enabling effortless, feasible and fast prototyping. As design flexibility is a key point in jewelry sector; 3D printing revived the Turkish jewelry sector immensely. With the unique, creative designs created by the 3D printing technologies that 4C Engineering has initiated; the Turkish jewelry sector got its place in the top 10 segment in the global market; which in the upcoming years would escalate to rank 2. Today, Turkish jewelry market is one of the most advanced jewelry markets in the world, due to the diversified products with high quality as well as feasibility. This great success not only carried the Turkish jewelry market and export revenue to a global leadership position but also created a whole new sector and a new profession. Customized jewelry design became a hot topic in line with the increase of export income as well as acceleration in the domestic market. Since 2000, 4C Engineering has been training over 800 people to become custom-jewelry designers which decrease unemployment drastically.

With the continuous technical support provided on a day to day basis to a customer base of over 500; 4C Engineering has the most comprehensive and intense knowledge and experience in Rapid Prototyping, 3D Jewelry, Medical and Industrial Design and Design Training. It is this very expertise that wins 4C Engineering the largest share in the Turkish and global rapid prototyping market. With over 500 installations, 4C Engineering covers  85%  of the additive manufacturing sector in Turkey.

4C Engineering believes that creativity, innovation as well as qualified education is the key to compete in the global market. With this vision, 4C Engineering helps encourage customized and unique jewelry design by providing  yearly trainings as well as yearly Design Awards.